The Job hunting results

As I’ve already written in the previous post we had an unusual assignment to recruit three people for our own project. So, I want to share the job offers I’ve received( in my American persona).

Well, I’ve talked to 11 people and I’ve got 4 offers:

· one of the three experts for secret intelligence activities all over the world;

· a volunteer in a children’s cancer hospital in Barcelona, Spain;

· a member of the team for the faculty of a new Military Medical Academy in Portland, Oregon;

· a participant of a new space research program in South Korea.

Not bad! To be honest, I’ve never thought that a biology teacher is such a wanted candidate.

I think, the position of a volunteer in a children’s cancer hospital is the most suitable for me. Firstly, I have a degree in science so it’s my field of expertise. Secondly, I have experience of working with children so my skills will be necessary and useful. And thirdly, I don’t mind to move to Spain for my work as I speak Spanish fluently.

And some new words and idioms:

knack=a skill or ability;

to be at one’s beck and call= available to do things for another person whenever they want;

wise guy= someone who annoys you because they think that they know everything or think that they are very funny;

slim chance=fat chance= something that is unlikely to happen;

idler= a very lazy person;

pal=a friend;

grunt work=very hard work;

to work one’s fingers to the bone=to work hard;

Mickey Mouse job=very easy, requring minimum efforts;

not to do a stroke of work= to do nothing