Theater has always been a sophisticated kind of entertainment for me, as well as for many people in Russia, I believe. Going to the theater is not something that most of us do on a weekly or monthly basis but something sort of outstanding and unusual. For me, theater is mysterios and luring. It is so exciting to watch people creating art right in front of you, at this very moment.

Personally, I can’t say that I am a true theatergoer as the last time I went to the theater was almost two years ago. I had a season ticket to the Nizhny Novorod Opera Theater and attended three or four perfomances. Most of them fell short with my expectations, to be honest, except for the musical “My Fair Lady”. I remembered that we had spoken about it on our English classes so I was looking forward to watch it live, even in Russian. The production seemed to me quite decent, in comparison with the rest of the performances. I liked the cast, and the music was just wonderful, of course.

However, the most impressive performances I’ve seen so far are definitely the ballets. “The Nutcracker” was my first theater experience. Even though I was only 8 or 9 years old (it was a trip to the Udmurtia State Opera Theater, organized by my the art school I attended) I was not bored (surprisingly) and, moreover, I was imressed. Listening to the music of Tchaikovsky played by the orchestra was amazing, the sets were spectacular and the actors seemed to be true professionals. I was dazzled by the grace and strength which I could see in every single movement of the dancers.

Summing my theatrical experiences up, I can say that I like this art form, even though I go to the theater rarely. I’ve seen some drama performances as well, from classical productions to quite peculiar modern interpretations of well-known plays. I even got a chance once to go backstage and see how props, sets and costumes are made, what dressing rooms look like and how the theater is organized. Besides, writing this post I realized that I’ve never seen our student theater performing. I think it’s a good opportunity to find out the dates of the performances and watch one of them!