Winter Break Challenge: Day 1

Hello everyone! The Finals are over and we can eventually get some rest and relax. However, we need to keep our mind sharp and practiсe our English skills. So, as we all were asked to live in English for some time everyday, I want to tell you about my experience.

Well, I decided to spend 45 minutes a day doing something to improve my English. Today I’ve done 2 exercises on Intermediate Listening

and 1 on Advanced Reading.

I used the website we’ve already visited to do some regular assignments.

I’ve learned some words from the Reading Assignment, as well:

icicle- сосулька;

overwhelmed- перегруженный;

inescapable- неизбежный;

shoddy- некачественный, дрянной.

Yesterday I watched the movie ‘Me Before You’. It is a nice and cute story and I can say that I liked it. I think the actors were good and the plot is interesting despite the concept is not new. And it may seem strange but I liked Emilia Clarke’s… eyebrows!:D I mean, she has so interesting and lively face, it expresses a million emotions a second and her eyebrows move really funny sometimes, you see?

And last weekend I finally watched last two episodes of “Sherlock”. It was amazing, I laughed and cried in the same time and it’s really sad that such a cool show is already over.

P. S. I want to share some cool resource. Maybe everybody already uses it but I’ve learned about this site just the other day. Here you can watch movies and some TV shows in English with English subtitles and also find some extra useful stuff. The quality is pretty good and it’s free!