I think you’re right about Our Robot Future, so here’s the million dollar question: what do you…
Kirsten Zerbinis

Fantastic idea! I am totally in favor. Give everyone $1500 per month, or make all basic food and lodging completely free. Both will work.

We really don’t have a choice here. Jobs are disappearing faster than new ones are created. Even worse, we’re removing blue collar jobs and replacing them with complex tech jobs. We can’t retrain people fast enough to keep up. Especially the old guard, who are not used to lifelong learning.

I’ve spent 3 decades working in IT, so I have a pretty good view of what the robots can and cannot do right now, and what’s on the horizon. And the bad news is, we really are at the cusp of a massive wave of automation and job loss. There’s no sugarcoating it.

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