Yes, I’m very curious about that one myself.
Kirsten Zerbinis

I agree, I think it will be something like the guilds.

But don’t forget the robots! The gig economy only exists because robots are not yet good enough to replace everyone. Uber drivers and Deliveroo couriers will be replaced by self-driving cars and delivery drones very soon. And I recently made the case that corporate middle management will also be fully automated in 10 years.

I think the gig economy is the new blue collar sector. Encroaching “robotification” will drive wages down to the bare minimum and eliminate all benefits, while workers are replaced with robots left and right.

My prediction: over the next 10 years, wages in the gig economy will steadily drop year on year. Let’s see if I’m right.

More complex work will survive for a while (programming, design, care, etc), and in the absence of unions and strong labour laws, we’ll probably see some kind of new social structure arising to protect workers from exploitation.

It’s going to be an interesting future!

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