The Future of Telecommuting
Yonatan Zunger

Nice article!

The shift from LD to LI is going to require a bunch of new skills, just like you said. Not only communication and organization, but also a deep affinity with videoconferencing, strong facilitation and leadership skills, a commitment to constant reinvention, familiarity with online education, some cross-cultural sensitivity, and many others. Smart people will start investing in those skills right now, to stay ahead of the trend.

I’m generation X and I remember my first foray into remote work, when one of my employees requested to work from home. We experimented with different forms of videoconferencing, and I noticed I had to overcome a deep reluctance to talk freely as if he was there in the room with us. I felt like a dork, and had to fight the urge to give assignments to his colleagues instead.

I think many in my generation are too mentally inflexible to make the LD -> LI transition. My wife and I work very hard to keep up with socio-technological trends, but I cannot say that for everyone in my generation.

However, I have a lot of faith in the Millenials. I think they got this.

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