110.Be Monotheism

Wisdom removes a mans egoism, as sunshine removes darkness. An honest and wise man accepts everything cordially. A sense of equity removes illusion and mourning from a man’s mind. Happiness or unhappiness comes to a person when as it reflects in his mind, belief in God wholly and solely without sharing him with any other entity and a positive attitude bring tranquility in one’s mind. Observation, hearing, thinking and science etc form create a neutral positive and wide mentality. Egoism of a man is expressed in many wording of a person for example, I see, I hear, I become angry, I become happy etc. An honest thinking gives a man a sense of universality. An ordinary man looks at the small part of something. When a man refrains himself from material gains he controlled his mentality with the help of meditation, merges himself with a sense of universality. When a man becomes fully honest and positive minded, anger, envy, negative attitudes and everything like those become vain or vague to him. When a man feels that he is honest he does not come back from that mental state. A man’s conduct is a part of his personality as a drop of water of a sea. A wise man realizes it, lives peacefully. We should have a clean personality and a clear sense of understanding, our misunderstandings bring troubles for us. Name and forms are undivided and same. An universal soul, remains as parts in different entities. The man who is monist and honest he does not have the bad characteristics like egoism, fear, repentance, shame, criticism etc. Try to keep God in your mind consciously for all the time, who is indestructible, permanent entity, neutral, always present everywhere and a sole authority of the universe. This is the greatest philosophy of all the times. When a man is having such great mental attitude he becomes peaceful. Everything is coating a particular thing in different names, different appearances and different ways, feelings is real. When a man becomes really wise with universal knowledge all his partial and limited knowledge go away. It is difficult to understand. Outcome of energy is light and its absence is darkness. Likely broad knowledge does not spoils anything rather removes misleading ideas. This knowledge is expressed with its own glory. When a man reaches to the peak of wisdom, sense of inequity is removed from his mind. It is also expressed in his behaviours. When a man reaches to the peak of knowledge, then himself and his deeds become unified. Disunity is ignorance and unity is wise. When he attains proper knowledge, all the restless state of his mind will be calm, his hypocrite mentality will be converted into a simple one and will remove mislead of variousness. Then the world will seem to be the heaven to him. Ignorance gives a man an idea about different Gods. Everywhere is the same and we ourselves create a suitable environment for us. Partial or total knowledge can be acquired through partial relations. The idea about many Gods is the outcome of ignorance. Differentiation is a natural instinct of human beings. The more a man is intelligent the more easily he understands the relation among the defference parts and whole of a thing. Equity comes from self realization when the doer and the deeds are merged. A mans mental attitude is the main factors and the objects or occurrences are associated factors. Feelings of a human body is his attitude and his body is an object. Change of attitude as well as an object does not occur automatically. All the objects are material and all the feelings are abstract and both of them are interdependent. A material is not static, its static state is relative. Everything is dependent on its creation and is dependent to something else to become an entity. An indivisible atom is the root of all objects but itself is very temporary, every moment of its movement is segregated from the other. A molecule is never disunited, basic elements of everything remain the same. It is true that all the objects are very temporary. Every object is proceeding to an indefinite destination due to qualitative change for various conflicting reactions. Mutual relation of every object is not only multipurpose but it is universal and common. Every object is related to other objects. Existence of objects in the world is too older than mind or mentality. The world has been created through a natural process. An object makes a regular action, as heating, cooling, etc. Life is formed from inanimate object. So we can say that like human beings, everything in the nature is alive and sensitive. Different objects and its various forms are the roots of everything. That means nothing occurs independently. So, objects are the real truth. Everything is a mixture of different objects and is unconscious. There is entity and practicality of the properties, actions, appearances atoms, relativity of properties, relativity of actions, relativity of knowledge, place, time, motion, static state etc. Knowledge is impossible without any object. Objects are the basis of all places, times and occurrences. Whatever positive or negative remarks we pass about objects everything is conditional and relative. Shape of something is a procedural effect. Different objects are having different characteristics because they are having the opposite characteristics like existence and non existence, universal and temporary, separate entity and inseparable entity etc. You can overlook the social customs and restrictions with your will power and sense of justification. An object and its properties are not the same, one is an object and the other is its actions. For example soil produces food and food gives nutrition to our body. But we shall fall sick if we eat soil. But basically, our body is soil and our foods are also soil. The sense of equity between two persons or objects is not an external but internal matter. An object is created depending on the others and the former perishes. Every object is created from the very beginning of the universe. Which were not having solid existence at the beginning. Every object is dependent on some other object. The outer appearance and inner properties of an object is not the same. An object does not remain in its original shape after being fully merged with or separated from some other object. Existence of an object is possible only when it is partly mixed or merged with some other object. Every object is a separate entity and concrete. Characteristics of every object are indefinite and probable. Every object is engaged in serving some purpose. Generalization is the destination every object. Every object is having a special characteristic. During some temporary stages a flow is an object. Objects are the only real entities. A material and its properties are relative to each other. An object is formed with the combination of an object and its stage. And the world formed with the combination of materials and its properties. In the process of the motion of the world new properties are being created and the old properties are being perished. Every object is for acquiring, maintenance, enjoyment and destruction. An object and its properties are interdependent, because, every occurrence has a cause behind it. Every action is determined by some other action. Inanimate objects and motions coexist with each other. All the objects are created and are existence due to connections and disconnections and actions and reactions between atoms. Different atoms are differently arranged in different objects, as such each of them is distinct from another. The central quark of an atom spreads itself being decentralized. Formation of energy is in crystal form. 0 or 1 quark that is a molecule and a vacuum give us the sensation through our sense organs. Any object is made of innumerable atoms, atom is the finest and an object is the collective state of something. An atom is imperishable, these are permanent and eternal. Energy always keeps the balance of its power by opposite action like weeping after smiling, sorrows after happiness, virtues after sins, courage after fear etc. Energy does not manifest itself without disparity. Energy does not remain without an inanimate object. After the death of a man his physical and mental powers are converted into a fine spiritual power. Everything is the combination of static and dynamic objects. Everything is having an energy in this world. In this world of oppositions, high and low, black and white, quick and slow, etc. are all energies. Difference among a colour a sound and a cosmic ray (R.T.V.) is of pulsation or speed of energy, even you and your thoughts are also a kind of energy. Inanimate objects, plants, creatures, human beings, God etc. are nothing but the different levels of energy. Everything is created due to a change is something, for example, from gas to minerals and from minerals to plants, animals, men, supermen etc. Thermal power, light, electricity, magnetic powers etc. are all the different stages of the same power. There is no destruction of an object and energy. Soil, plants, human body, air etc. are the newer shapes of the same atom. Pulsation of lives of billions of years remains hidden in a molecule. The minimum speed of transfer of power is called quantum motion. This change occurs in a scattered way like a cluster of grains. Different radiations of power occur on the basis of different degrees of wave length and heat, for example light is one kind of magnetic wave. Ordinary objects are the minimum stage of all quantum energy. The lines of the clusters of quark grains are high (u) low (d), strange (s), sweet (c), fine (b) and true (t), which are some of its properties determined by some specific figures and colours. Life and the seen world is a specific quantum relation. The grain wave related to the world and its environment is concentrated in the neuron cells of brains through sense organs as symbolic pictures. In the manner like, one quantum mechanical symbolic discipline. The external objects on perception of substituteless matter and the sense organs perceiving the substitutable matters gives knowledge to memory and imagination. Through quantum mechanical process, the sense organs become like a wave and create a conscious entity. Although the formulation of animate and inanimate entities are formed as a result of the same interaction, yet the formation of an animate entity is too much complicated than an inanimate object. For example sensory knowledge is concentrated in the neurons of a brain through one kind of electro chemical action. During interchange of realization sensation the quantum mechanical role of different kinds of ion, potassium, sodium door and nervous sensations are important. Actions of conscious and subconscious minds, power of hypnotism, telepathy, etc also are the outcome of the grain or wave system of soul, will or thought. An uncertainty prevails in radiation of knowledge energy. Although in the philosophy of spiritualism, indirect description of reaching to the quantum stage of super power in lesser degree is there. An object tries to make actions and reactions in human minds through quantum picture according to its own weight. In the languageless lives, instead of solving a problem mathematics of inanimate objects the curse of death are created in the nature. The sense organs based grain waves do not remain in every person in the same degree of quantum management. Even during transfer of the information stored in a brain, even due to any irregularity of transportation, the translated meanings are expressed in different degrees on the basis of places and times. Any activity comes in contact with human sense organs is placed, replaced, synthesized, analyzed, accepted, rejected and a result, human brain can understand the symbols of a language. As soon as the structure of consciousness is changed, a man completely break down the electro chemical energy sphere regarding life and the world attached to the biological body of human beings, make a new idea. So revaluation are needed for life, death and birth abstract state an object and the position of the ever enlarging seen world. It is possible reform a new consciousness structure after being introduced with the different cultures and traditions of the world and introducing mixed culture and language and manifesting new quantum heaven theory. Good and bad, happiness and unhappiness, and all other activities are the first quantum step. The second quantum step is created through repeated indiscipline contrasts. The disciplined mathematics does not want to transfer itself from its root to its branches, this is the third step of quantum with a new realization. The fourth step of quantum is created when human beings go forward crossing sorrows, pains and deaths. There are many sufferings of the biological lives, actions of which are positioned in different quantum steps. At last one day a life will lose itself under the cover of darkness. The inner power of an entity is manifested by a concentrated practice. All the creatures have been created out of the positive and negative natural elements. The main cause of construction and destruction of everything in the world is power. Presence, absence, scarcity, abundance, sole existence, enormous existence, seen, unseen, similarity and dissimilarity are the different characteristics of different objects and souls. Time and entity are inseparable. The elements of the world are unlimited but are distinguished through realization and its actions and reactions are different in different places of the universal geometry. While explaining a personal occurrence, time is also to be analyzed. Centering of definite position and time of us in a unit conscious structure and through a strong dialectal actions, a creative time is created. We are so much unconscious about eternity that when we think that considering the time factor, we present ourselves in an abstract way. World is nothing but the rotation of time, a basic entity becomes many and burns itself and remain in reciprocal way in conduct appearance and action for the eternity. He, me, positive, negative, which, that, where, there, when then, like it, like that, as, for this, for that etc. Time is to be won by analyzing object. As a result unseen will become seen, unknown to known, distrust to trust, impossible to possible, impractical to practical, spiritual to formal, irregularity to regularity, after world to worldly, unhappiness to happiness, troubles to peace, disparity to equity, multiple to sole, temporary to permanent. Rough will become fine then all the differences will go away and everything will be calm in eternity. There are two appearances of everything, such as concrete and abstract, mortal and immortal, clean and dirty, direct and indirect, relative and conditional, humanly and supernatural. Nature is the sole God, which supports global brotherhood. Sometimes we say, this is nannu`s head, here nannu and the head are inseparable. Nannu will be lifeless without his head. So, nannu is the head and head is nannu. Likely me the God or God is in me, nature is God and God is nature. You can say that you are present within God and God is present within yourself. Tranquility comes in the minds of such thought. That means everything of the creatures is dependent on creator. Body is a soul characterized by desire. A creature’s body is the cause and its consciousness is its actions. A lively body becomes a dead one in absence of energy and oxygen, the body only remains but consciousness remains absent. The world is nothing but a reflecting object, so there is no spiritual entity is any partial thing. Titles and appearances are the practical matters of the world. A creation is nothing but a change of shape. There are differences among name, body and its nature. Everything is having an existence with the combination of a name and an appearance. Change in living lives is nothing but reshaping is an external change of appearance. Differences of sizes and kinds are nothing but an external matter of name and shape. There are three preconditions behind any concrete substance, as- production, expenditure and material. There is no basic foundation of differentiating among ‘you’ ‘he’ and ‘me’. There is nothing out of the relatively of name and shape. There is nothing like a single entity, the idea of a single entity is an idea only. An entity and a realization is identical, whatever is practical is conscious. A creature is the doer of all actions and reactions. The creatures subject to sins, virtues, happiness and unhappiness are periodical entities. Its actions result gradual improvement and all other matters occur within the limitation of time. Salvation lies in the knowledge of whole entity. The whole personal ideas of a man are outcome of ignorance. Creatures does not have a spiritualistic entity, because it is nothing but a collection of different of name and shape. Whatever is knows by different names and appearance by usual viewpoint and linguistic analysis, is created with a spiritual view point and is nothing but perishable matter. Diversity of an entity occurred due to own intellectual dualism, mental limitation, inability to realize all as entire. A creature is known by its name and shape. Diversity and distinction of an entity is nothing but a place and periodical expression. It is possible for human beings to acquire spiritual knowledge or the idea of purely of sole authority of God when he crosses the level of outer consciousness and reaches to a higher level of meditation. A man need not depend on any religious theory for acquiring spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge gives a man the idea about disparity and equity. Mental purification is essential for spiritual knowledge. Acquiring spiritual knowledge is possible only through person’s own efforts and inner views. Every entity of an object is an eternal object that is a particular shape of God. As the reflection of sunshine seems to a sunshine. Likely the reflection of a sole entity seems to be differentiated as many. A questioner and a responder is the same one. Improve your view points and imaginations and look into the real entity of everything. Then you will find only unity in everything. A sense of disparity is removed by mediation, concentration, prosperity, worship, education and stoicism. Husband and wealth are like masculine illusions, women and love are like feminine illusion. Although the creator apparently seems to be separate entity, yet he is one and without any successor as a source of knowledge. Illusion is of two kinds- illusion for creature and that for quality, the indirect subjective illusion is for creature and the indirect objective illusion is for qualities. The actual nature of something can be realized by overcoming illusions. In fact there is nothing like individualism. The elements of a thing, doer of some action, about something, to whom, the action, the way of doing some action, something done by somebody, are all the same. Oppression, suppression and criticism come out of a sense of disparity. A sense of disparity is not removed till a creature feels free through selfcriticism. And an understating grows in him that he is the only consumer and all others are commodities. Wise people view everything wholly, not partially. Greatness has no physical shape. Experience brings a basic egoism to a practical egoism creating a new consciousness. Mainly, we are to depend on nature to establish our own conscious entity. There is no entity above the nature and mankind is created from the nature itself. Nobody has any control, over the engineer of the nature. Separation of illusion from God is fatal, separation of God from illusion is unknowable, only unification of God and illusion is satisfaction of love. It is difficult to understand the beginning and end of something. Scent is there in a flower, oil in linseed, fire in wood, gourd in a sugarcane and butter in milk. Likewise, there is a wise soul in our bodies. There is no God in wood, stone or soil. But we find a God there through our thoughts. So, we should meditate an act according to the realization we achieve through it. When we feel the presence of our souls and we forget fully about our physical existence, our mind are fully meditated wherever it may be earlier. If we can retain our mentality as it was while visiting a holy place or a graveyard or a patient, we can be free from all attachments. Attachment is a very serious matter. The seriousness of attachment can be expressed even by a shadow. He who wants to go away from attachment that is from his nearest and dearest ones, attachment follows him like his shadow. And he who wants to be attached with fascination willfully, attachment escapes from him like a shadow. He can’t fascinate himself with fascination. The name and the qualities of a God have been derived from nothing but compassion. To be free from the fascination of this attachment means connection between ones soul and the supreme soul once again. A soul and a supreme soul are the two parts of the same power. The screen of attachment has divided them into two parts. When the fascination of attachment is torn through worship and acquisition of knowledge, the two parts again merge together. For example, a jar is floating on water. And the waters inside and outside the jars are all the same. But due the particle of the thin wall of the jar, the two waters can’t mix up together. This is the way how attachment maintains distance between the two natures of God. Again, when the said jar breaks down, the two parts of water merge together. In this way, soul and supreme soul unite together braking the wall of attachment. This monism is the basis of mysticism. Everything surrounded attachment is false. As nothing can be known about the mystery of acting of a actor, likewise everything of attachment is mysterious and can’t be expressible. Only God know about the mystery of attachment, nobody else. As fire does not want to leave cotton once it embraces. The letter, likewise attachment does not leave somebody easily whom it embraces once. One can be free from the influence of fascination, if he can avoid the attachment of worldly life. A pitcher does not sink down if it placed upside down on the water surface. Again the same pitcher sinks down if it is sunk with its opening at the top. In the same way when human beings are fascinated with the attachment towards worldly life, he sinks down in the sea of attachment. Everything felt through mind and sense organs is a false illusion. A shadow an appearance and an illusion are all the same. A mirror is also a reality like a dream. Illusion is ever changing. Illusion is created and again it is destroyed. The creature falls in this illusion and forgets God. Human beings are to suffer due to falling in illusions. A man fascinated with an illusion, always think about himself and illusion gives him mental shock. You are to be free from illusions, if you want to please God.