The disciple Jesus loved was sitting next to Jesus at the table. John 12:23

I don’t know what my dogs think when I pet the other dog but they never seem jealous. I see them watching me pet their furry sister and they seem happy, happy for the other and happy to see me love part of the pack. They get to see me as a loving caregiver, not only do I love them and bless them, they see me care for someone else. My dogs tend to feel loved in different ways. Our big hound can be a little squished when she snuggles us and she’s ok with that. Addie worries we will crush her if we squish her at all. Addie loves to chase small toys under blankets and covers, Ella thinks that’s a waste of time. The way we love them is sometime different but no less as meaningful to the dogs.

For some, when we see another receive blessings from God we get jealous, perhaps we wonder why God hasn’t blessed us the same way. Or we look upon our neighbor and think they have everything, why hasn’t God given me what they have. We forget that God shows us love differently, perhaps the blessing we see for someone else isn’t the right way God loves us. We may think we want it, we may think our life would be complete, but God is good and knows what we need. He loves us each uniquely, in such a way that we feel we are the only one he loves.

Dear God,

You know how to love the people around me and you love me as much. Continue to bless us and love us as you see fit.