The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

Dogs are good at apologizing and for the most part repenting. When Addie gets in trouble she immediately flips over on her back as a way of saying sorry and being submissive. Ella gets a look on her face of sadness mixed with a little fear (I don’t know where the fear comes from because we’re gentle with her). One of my earliest memories of dog behavior was when a fiend of ours reprimanded his german shepherd and the german shepherd looked shameful putting his head down and doing his best body language for I’m sorry. I had never seen an animal that seems to understand a sense of wrong and right. It’s partially an understanding of who’s in charge but either way a dog will respond to rules and give itself over to the rules.

When I make mistakes I try to defend it and justify it or blatantly ignore it. I try to assert my own place in the order, to overthrow God if I can. Sin boils down to us trying to assert ourselves over God. It’s an impossible task to avoid sin but a sense of knowledge that God is always right and the best we can do is to understand our place in his laws can change us. His rules are good for us. I’m learning to roll over like Addie does when I do something wrong rather than try to stand my ground.

Dear God,

Help me to listen to you when I do something wrong — to feel the impact of my mistakes and turn from it.