Increase Rent or Increase Income?

In Oxford, Mississippi the home of Ole Miss Rebels and Lafayette County residents; there’s a housing crisis. The residents of Oxford are in need of rent adjustments more than ever. The average cost for a one bedroom apartment ranges between $635–800, not including utility costs. This is outstanding because the minimum wage in Oxford is $7.25, which means someone would have to work three jobs to pay for their rent.

According to the National Low Income Oalitition, renters in Oxford must earn $20.30 to afford a two bedroom apartment. Oxford, being a city of residents and 21,000 college students; 75 percent of those students living off campus. This effects housing, jobs, and overcrowding within the city.

Also residents have noticed the housing quality is in great condition, which is probably what the rent reflects. However the rent should reflect the average renters’ income. The NLIO display through out their data the benefits of having a progressive work income rather than progressive housing; which would drive out residents instead.

We Say : LOU is determined to bring awareness to the housing crisis. The Oxford community is filled with different age groups, families, and educational backgrounds. Everyone need to be able to afford housing no matter their circumstances and we are ready for their voices to be heard.

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