Inside the Growing Social Media Skills Gap

This story done by Ryan Holmes sheds a light on how companies are misusing social media and how they can begin to use it effectively.

Social media has grown rapidly over the past decade. There are over 2 billion people currently using some form of social media. Companies have tried to create a social media presence in order to gain popularity and recognition among consumers. Nearly 90% of U.S companies are currently using social media to reach out to the people. This is not a bad idea because, there is an estimated $1.3 trillion in value that social media holds. If companies are able to use social media correctly they can unlock this potential amount of money. Although companies are trying to use social media, they are not fully prepared to use it successfully.

There is a skills gap when it comes to using social media. Formal training is needed to for companies to get the most out of what social media offers. Only 12% of companies are using social media correctly. There are billions of dollars in lost opportunities when companies are not using social media correctly. Companies need to use formal training on how to properly use social media. This will benefit their companies greatly and earn them a larger amount of income.

Social media is growing too fast for companies to realize changes. Everyday the internet is adapting and expanding, it is hard for companies to see this and adjust. It is up to these companies to lend more money to the training of employees in social media to improve their performance. The more attention companies pay to this, the faster they can close the skills gap.

The companies that succeed in using social media in the right and effective way, will find new ways to reach customers, keep customers, recruit employees, and boost productivity. The social media landscape is ever changing, it will be hard for these companies to keep up.