Phillies Social Media Efforts

On Thursday, May 11 Tim Stoeckel presented to us how the Phillies plan to grow in social media.

Tim is the Philadelphia Phillies Social Media Representative. He covered all of the responsibilities and jobs that he has during the work day. Tim represents the organization on the internet for all of the world to see. It is important that he represents the Phillies in a positive way that increases their following.

Tim first talked about the importance of his job and what his objectives are. His job is important because, he is representing the organization for a very large audience. It is important that he can positively represent the Phillies so that they can gain a larger following and stay away from social media issues. Tim controls the team’s twitter, instagram, and snapchat pages. He posts game results and news on these platforms. He is attempting to feed the audience the information about the team, while also offering entertaining and fun content for the viewers. Tim is able to keep the fans interested in the team.

Tim also talked about the future of social media for the Phillies. The Phillies are attempting to reach a new generation of fans within social media. The Phillies fandom used to be carried on the team’s on field success. Now that they are rebuilding it is more important to use social media to attract fans. The first step in this process was to hire more people for this department. The Phillies hired a number of people for the social media department, including an in game twitter coordinator. This would add consistency and attractiveness to the Phillies social media pages.

The Phillies also world to relate to the fans more and create a two way conversation. This would would likely increase the following of the team and ultimately bring more fans to the ballpark. Another main factor in the Phillies social media rebuild is the idea of “pushing the limit.” They want to get out of the boring posts about only facts and delve into posts that are more funny and coming at other people or organizations. There are a few examples of each.

The Phillies recently struck back at Chris Christie who bad mouthed the team and it’s fans. They made a progressive tweet that defended the team and did not cause a huge stir. Another example is a “gif” of a grounds crew member using a broom to sweep after the Phillies swept a team. The tweet read “don’t mind us, just doing some sweeping.” This tweet is effective because, it is clever, informative, and does not cause bad feelings with another person or team. Last example is when the Phillies gave away free tickets to a father and daughter through twitter. The fan asked about autism awareness night at the stadium and the team replied with an offer of tickets to the game. This random act of kindness and these kinds of acts will greatly help the Phillies and their cause.

The Phillies are doing a very good job of adapting to the world of sports in social media. It is up to Tim Stockel to continue to connect with fans and grow the Phillies brand.

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