Cash??? What’s that???

Being a veteran of the networking and telecommunication industry, I truly understand how unexpected Acts of God can wreck havoc on communication networks. It led me to begin thinking about what would I do if I couldn’t use my ATM or credit cards. I asked myself out loud

“Who carries cash anymore?”

I rarely do. Currently, I have $9.33 in my wallet.

I’ve developed a lifestyle heavily dependent upon a reliable network and communication system. I’m sure that I’m not the only. It’s only when something like Hurricane Harvey hits do we begin to wonder exactly what would you do and how you would survive. Most people live not thinking that it would never happen to them, but after this experience, I’m of the belief that it could happen to anyone, at any time.

This is why I’m taking the time to create a Grab and Go Emergency Prepardness Kit. Along with batteries, prescriptions and bottle water, I’m ad adding a wad of cash.

How much is adequate?

The amount varies. Think of the amount to be that which will keep you and your family safe amidst the chaos.

Although most people have digital or online records, it may pay off to have hard copies available that you can just “Grab and Go”. You never know if you’ll have access to the Internet. Also consider putting copies of these documents on a USB drive that you can keep with you or in your kit.

To ease the stress of surviving the unexpected, here’s a listing of vital items to include in your

Grab and Go Emergency Preparedness Kit.

· Your important papers — Passports, Birth Certificates, marriage certificates, deeds, car registration, etc. Be sure to include your legal papers (wills, power of attorney, et. al.). Include keys to safe deposit box along with a list of contents and paperwork with proof of access for family member if primary person is not available.

· List of contacts and their phone numbers. Because no one remembers a phone number anymore, this can be vital.

· List of monthly financial obligations — Names and addresses of all of your payment obligations (mortgage, credit cards, utilities, and auto, student, and any other loans), as well as the due dates, minimum required payments, and any other payment information needed. Online payment may not be available for a period of time.

· List of passwords and login names: Your home computer or laptop where you normally store this information may be unavailable. Think about creating a hard copy of your passwords and keep them in your Grab and Go kit. You never know when someone other than yourself will need to access this information.

· Financial currency — Cash. Enough to survive for a week. Cover food, shelter, travel, clothing.

· Medical Information — Policies, prescriptions, any special needs, who they belong to, and what are any remedies required.

· Insurance Information — Copies of Homeowners, auto, life, disability and health insurance policies and cards.

· Household Inventory — Take the time and create an inventory of high value items, including pictures and serial numbers.