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Melinda Gates

Melinda, I think that it’s awesome that you’re taking on this challenge. I applaud you as there’s much to be done. I too, on a much smaller scale, have taken it upon myself to change the dynamic. I’m focused on women in the transport technology sectors of wireless, cable, telecom, satellite and space. There is a critical shortage of qualified women to operate and lead the charge. Female attrition numbers are outrageously high and the culture is hard for most to endure. If you look around, you won’t find women in senior technical roles or in many leadership roles in the large companies in this sector, which is unfortunate because this is the industry that makes all other tech industries possible. Women who are inside of this sector tend to move to Sales, Marketing or HR roles for a number of reasons, but the numbers lend themselves to the problems we see with few female innovators and entrepreneurs and VCs. The IoT and other emerging fields are ripe with opportunity and if we put all of our efforts to pumping out coders, we will be having this same conversation again in 15 years. As such, I’m busy putting the pieces together to move the needle on Women in Mobility with a goal of increasing the number of women in the transport sector by 40% by 2030. An aggressive target indeed, but I do think it can be done. It has to be done. It will be done. If this aligns with you thoughts and your agenda, I’d be very happy to collaborate to find ways to hit the root cause of the Women in Tech problem that can be beneficial for the whole. That’s the only way things will change.

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