Back to 1918 with MDL Talent Hub

Imagine a scene, where champagne is flowing, classy men and women are mingling and the latest pieces of womens fashion are being displayed by elegant women who please the eye with some exclusive qípáo garment.

One hundred years ago Shanghai started to develop into an international megapolis, one of the most advanced cities of that time on the planet, today, we can see the result of such innovation! Ideas that were born there have had great potential to change global setups due to the dynamics and great potential of this vibrant city.

What is Qipao?

The cheongsam is a one-piece Chinese dress for women, also known as qípáo, and was the Republic of China’s mandarin gown. It was popularised by Chinese socialites and upper-class women in the 1920s and 1930s in Shanghai.

2018’s hottest blockchain party

MDL Talent Hub & YOYOW are hosting the blockchain party of the year to celebrate MDL's first birthday!

In Shanghai, the team is getting together to celebrate our first year of existance while our development team is showcasing MDL's latest development at the Hamburg Blockchance event where our Chief Architect and CTO are taking the stage to share updates about technical advancements within MDL Talent Hub. (read all about it here)

MDL's tightly knit community are letting in a handful of outsiders to enjoy the show and make new connections within the fashion and entertainment industry in Shanghai.

The MDL Talent Hub community attending will include KOL's, MDL Ambassadors, friends and parnters as well as blockchain investment funds, fashion industry moguls and a hand-picked amount of talented models who will be presenting the latest qípáo garment collection.

What to expect?

There will be many interesting activities during the event. From a makeup workshop that will show the many KOL's and Influencers attending, how to make themselves up like the women did in Shanghai in the 1920’s.

The next activity will be a workshop by Mike Rosenthal, business expert and professional actor, founder of Regal Training. You will have an exclusive free insight on how to improve your public speaking.

This will be followed by a round table discussion with distinguished guests from IT and financial industries on investment strategies during a bear market.

When we round up the business talk, we will ease into the night with a catwalk workshop hosted by the 2017 Miss Earth China contestant, after which our exclusive MDL models will be showcasing the latest qípáo collection provided by 无·褍 中装工作室. We will finish this part of the evening with an MDL Model Competition to determine who has the most elegant and professional manner of presenting qípáo clothing.

Finally, we will engage everyone to join our hongbao game while inviting you to enjoy drinks and snacks provided by MDL Talent Hub.

At the end, we will allow a 30 minute window for a party and networking event.

About MDL Talent Hub

MDL Talent Hub

MDL Talent Hub is an application ecosystem for talents who are looking for a paid gig. MDL focusses on providing safety and transparency in the talent-booking industry. By implementing a reputation system that will check if talents are on time, how often they cancel, if they have positive agency or brand response they will ensure that good talents get good opportunities. On the other side they will also regulate the agency, booker and brand market to ensure safe work opportunities for talents. Besides that MDL will also create a marketplace ecosystem for talents and brands to collaborate in paid promotions.

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