How one small company is changing the entertainment industry

Today we are doing some self-reflecting. Why? Because we are talking about MDL Talent Hub, that's us!

The company

We are focussing on building a global trustchain connecting performers to gigs and brands to audiences. This idea started with one of the co-founders. Dmitry, CEO of MDL Talent Hub, who worked for years in the talent sourcing industry. Hearing and experiencing the stories about sexual harassment, models overworking themselves, singers breaking down due to stress, … made him sick and tired of the un-transparent, unregulated and unsafe environment performers often found themselves in.

Dmitry came together with 2 partners that shared his vision of solving this market issue and together with Dimitry, the business expert and Trugad, the tech genie, they started MDL Talent Hub.

Together they are creating a platform running on blockchain technology that will provide a safe, regulated and efficient environment that will provide transparency and communication between performers and brands to improve the work environment for performers looking for gigs, and guarantee the reputation of brands looking for performers.

The focus

The first and foremost focus is to create a safe economy where performers can put themselves in front of reputable brands and companies that are looking to hire performers for a certain gig.

The people our platform is for, are those who have a certain talent, hobby, passion they want to share with the world and make a living from or even simply test the waters and see how they would perform on a real life, paid event.

On the other spectrum we have the brands, companies, looking to hire performers for the sake of engaging with their audiences at a certain event, put up a show during a company party or promote a certain product.

We want to focus on connecting those, but also providing safety in the sense that the performers will have a safe, respectful work environment and the brands will have a reputable performer attending their paid event.

The solution

By implementing a reputation system, review platform and score system powered by blockchain, we can ensure that both parties can safely make decisions based on real information provided by real people without any interference of fake data.

Of course, there's much more about the solution but we wanted to keep this article relatively short and to the point. If you are however interested in finding out more about MDL Talent Hub, you can do so here.