MDL 1918 Vintage Party

You should have been there…

MDL Talent Hub hosted a 1918 vintage party with tons of activities, people, drinks, snacks and a lavishing atmosphere that got everyone in a great mood!

The evening started with a fashion workshop where guests saw first hand how the beautiful ladies from the 1920’s had their make up done to get ready for an upscale party.

This was followed by a catwalk workshop where we saw 4 beautiful ladies from the audience, showing us the ropes by parading eleganlty across the room in their stylish qípáo clothing. They then got to collect points from the crowd & discover who of them remembered the instructions from the catwalk workshop best.

Of course, all of this glitter and glamour wouldn't get you anywhere without the right attitude. For that, we had Mike Rosental come in with his 3 points of better presenting yourself in front of a crowd. Clothing, Voice and Posture were the main topics of his presentation on presentation.

Mike Rosenthal from Regal Training

On top of that we had a round table discussion with some prominent members from the finance sector who guided us through the in’s-and-out’s of investments within a bear market, even if you did not know too much about finance before, you were treated on an exceptional insight into the world of top business men!

From Left To Right:
Daoge — founder of BKBT, one of the most popular blockchain media in China
Xugang — founder of WBO crypto fund
Charles — founder of iABC labs & lead developer of big data solution for McDonald’s China
Ray — Creative Future Crypto Fund founder. Investor of Skycoin & MDL
Zicen — former CMO of YOYOW, present CMO of EOS China division
Meijiangang — founder of MPT crypto fund
Baicai — founder of YOYOW, senior community member of Bitshares
Dashan — founder of Dripwater crypto fund. Investor of YOYOW & MDL Hongping — TK crypto fund founder

Finally came the main event, the qípáo fashion show. The audience was treated by a showcase of the finest of qípáo clothing by 无褍, with a catwalk by models all dressed up and made up in 1920’s Shanghai era garments and make-up. We had a panel of 3 judges coming to determine which model brought the best performance of showcasing the elegant modern style of 1920’s fusion qípáo dresses. Finally they decided on a winner and she walked away with 2 beautiful prizes; 10.000 RMB worth of services from our partners at “The Beauty Spa” and 100 USD worth of MDL Tokens!

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