Everyone should know about Intel i3, i5, and i7 processor.

A processor is a very important part for our pc or laptop.Today I will discuss some important part about Intel processor.

Processor i3, i5, i7

Every year Intel released their new generation processor in our market. So, first of all, we will know what is Generation:

Every processor inside has a small transistor .The processor of the transistor is to be smaller and the performance will be better or efficiency will consume. The size of the transistor to the previous generation Intel is also smaller. At present, the smallest transistor that Intel used its size to 14 nanometers. Ever before it was 20 nanometer and 28, 30, 40 was the large size. Therefore, the new generation of processors performance better than before. So in the case of processors generation very important.

Now let’s come to the point:

When, we are buying core i3, i5, and i7 for computer or laptop then we face some confusion. Which is the best for us. So, let’s solve it.

Intel Core i3:

This is basic Intel processors. Laptop or computer from wherever it is to be a dual-core; however, there is a special feature called Hype threading Due to the operating systems of core processors can be double or doubled that it has four dual-core or quad-core core operating system as well. There are several models of the core i3.If anyone wants to browsing, blogging, and web design, Word Excel, PowerPoint or Gaming. So you have to buy this processor.

Intel Core i5:

This can be seen as two. Laptops generally have a dual-core version. This can be seen as two. Laptops generally have a dual-core version. Hype threading advantage of that. As a result, compared to the quad-core construction of the work. The quad-core version can be seen on the computer, and it usually Hype threading. Do not have access. Its speed, efficiency, cache memory, the number of transistor all over better than core i3. It’s also better for Gaming, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.

Intel Core i7:

It’s one of the highest speed Intel processors. It cache memory up to a maximum of 8 MB, and the highest number of transistors, the click speed is better than the other ones. Quad-core and dual-core version can be seen in the laptop, but the dual-core rarely seen in Ultra book, the MacBook Pro, etc. quad-core version is also available. Quad-core and Octa-core version available in the computer. It’s the best for the big game or a three-D graphics, cartoon-making and so on.

Most Important:

You find out Generation from the model name. Such as, if the processor model name is core i7 4470. This means that the front of 4 is 4th Generation. Similarly, i7 5570 means that 5th Generation.
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