There are conventional myths about Redux. It confusing for the beginner’s perspective. In my point of view, Redux is simply awesome. Today I explain Redux with some easy & simple example. So, let’s began.

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What is Redux?

According to Redux Documentation,

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. It helps to write applications that behave consistently, run in different environments (client, server, and native), and are easy to test.

Simply, Redux is a state management tool. It can be used with any other JavaScript framework or library.

Why Redux?

Let’s say, You want to develop a big e-commerce website like ‘Amazon’ that has…

It very obvious when you thinking something big you have to work with a team. Then a million-dollar question comes How will I deal with an amazing team as a beginner. Well, a few days ago I worked on the ‘Power-X-Gym’ project with my teammate Shakil Ahmed.

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This is basically a “React” based application. One of the core technology like React, React Router, React Hooks, PayPal, Express & MongoDB. Well, based on this experience I try to explain some powerful steps to project team success.

Maintain Todo

I think this is must need tools when you start anything in your life. Through…

Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces (UIs) and front-end applications. Today, we discuss some basic stuff about vue.js

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Why Use Vue.js

  • Makes creating UIs and front-end apps much easier
  • Less of a learning curve than other frameworks
  • Extremely fast and lightweight
  • Build powerful Single-Page Applications
  • Virtual DOM
  • Growing in the industry

| If you are curious about your nearest six-digit job. Then this article only for you. So, without farther do, Let’s begin.

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An interview is the only way to get an amazing job. So, the first question is how I master the interview. It’s so simple,

Learn, Learn & Practice Practice, Practice more.

After That, If you are confident enough your skill then focus interview stuff. Organize Moc Interview session with some experts if you keep in touch though. Otherwise, you may be arranged with your friend in your connection. Actually, this the best practice to improve your interview strength…

|Meanwhile, JavaScript achieves a leading position in web technology. So, it is the best time to learn JavaScript and its stuff. After learning the basics concept you have to plan some advanced topics.

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Well, Le’ts try to understand some advance data structure concept like Stack & Queue in details.

Why Need Data Structure?

Data is everything. Some expert says, If you have data you maybe lead the world. Imagine tech gain Google, Facebook, Amazon the are actually lead the tech industry. What is the reason? Actually, they have lots of data.

Well, somehow you get lots of data through your startup or something like…

Last two blogs, I try to explain some React basics and hooks. Today I also going to describe some basics concepts. So, Without father do let’s begin.

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setState only use for class component. Imagine, you go to an online shop and buy some product. In your product card, you want to add your product quantity. In that scenario, as a developer, you have to make this functionality for your Clint or user. Well, If we update my recent state to the previous state that makes our needed functionality. Basically, we don’t update our state directly that it’s one of the…

|’useEffect’ Hook in one of the most important concepts in React. Today, I will discuss in detail on that topic.

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When you try to learn something it’s very important to gather some motivation on that particular topic. If you’ve been working with the class component you would have performed side-effects in your components. For example, updating the DOM, fetching data from an API endpoint, and setting up subscriptions or timers. Since the render method would be too early to perform side-effects you had to make use of the life cycle methods. …

Admittedly, React is top of the front-end industry in 2020. It’s a very friendly library for beginners Lerner. So, let's try to understand some important basics with me.

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React component is a JavaScript function that returns a React element. It can't return “undefined” (either explicitly or implicitly). It has to return a value or null. On the other hand, the React component is a part of the user interface, template, blueprint & a global definition. This can be either a function or a class with a render method. Components are re-usable and can be nested inside other components. …

|If you have some understanding of mid-level JavaScript & want to learn the basics of React, this article is only for you.

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Through the whole article, we will try to understand what React is all about so that you feel comfortable with the fundamentals.

What is React?

React is an efficient and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UI). In 2011, React Developed by Facebook. In some period of time React has quickly become one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries. React has high demand in the job market. According to HackerRank, 30% of employers look for developers who know ‘React’.

How React Works Under the Hood?

|Consistency is the only word that helps anyone to touch the dream. No matter what if you discover yourself with some amazing things. First of all, you need to consistence enough.

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I am a fresher learner on React Developer. Before learn React I had basic knowledge about JavaScript. After a few month’s letters, After the learning on React core concept, I discover something a little bit harsh through my React journey. Then I decided, let’s go back with JavaScript and finished it out in a week. Let’s share how I accept my JavaScript Weekly Challenge.

Day 1: First day I…

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