Movie Trailer Info Android Application for Movie lover’s

You are movie love’s really!! .So you have to maintain movie list or uocoming movie news and which is top now and so more.We have developed a apps called Movie Trailer Info. We provides you all kind of movie information what you need.In Movie trailer Info we notify you what movie top now or what upcoming movie and we provide you real time rating and reviews.In this application you can make your watch list or you can mark a movie later watch.
As a Movie lover i want to say everyone check it out just one time.I am pretty sure you will enjoy it very much. We use attractive material design.

You can download this application from this link:

In Movie trailer Addict we have 4 option

— — — — — — — -Upcoming — — — — — — -
 In this option you will get what movie will released in a few days.
We will notify you using push-notification which movie will be released in recent time.So that you can make your time to watch movie.

— — — — — — — Top Movies — — — — — —

In this option you will get what movie are in top position in world.
If you want to watch only top rated movie then it will help you to find which movie’s are in top position now.

— — — — — — — -In Theater — — — — — — -

In this option you will get which movie are running in theater now.
Recently we are working to add movie ticket feature so that you can buy a ticket from this app.

Thanks everyone 
Check it out from here

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