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The Meaning of Resistance

Giving up. Letting go. Succumbing. All these things lead to death. None of these things are resistance. For resistance, you have to fight, to struggle, to oppose. And live for another day to do it all over again if it is required to live.

Resistance is somehow different for everyone but is the same, too. Emphasis is different, so is influence and how it is all internalized. But the commonality is refusal to surrender, the stubborn insistence on not giving permission to be dominated.

That’s where the herd errs. They give leave to be pressed into conformity, all the while believing the resisters are bullies intent on requiring something of them when, in fact, resisters only want to be left alone and are content with that as long as none are coerced. But let the authoritarian attempt to subdue one and the rest will rise in defense.

And so, we must continue to resist as long as the possibility of control threatens even one. Authoritarians miss that point too, that they helped enable skepticism and the forging of an alliance, a coalition of the wary free who will not yield their minds and bodies. # # # January 14, 2018

Really Geezer

“Geezer” implies much more than age. You are no geezer if your connections with younger generations and worldly interactions keep you au courant, viable and modern. It’s not years that make me a geezer but reclusiveness and a disdainful attitude for the world I’ve left behind. Geezers are not well integrated into the sweep of society. We tend to be curmudgeonly and some of us are crackpots, to boot. It’s a matter of focus, not age, and I make no apologies for my contrariness nor do I have any regrets.

Quite the opposite, I’m happy to have exited a world exhausted by lying to itself while trying to pull everyone down. I’m glad to have hated fiercely and relieved to be rid of it. And while I feel the tug of responsibility to call out the nefarious, I have no illusions about the meagerness of my effort in comparison with the magnitude of deceit. There is, in fact, simple comfort in knowing it is not my duty to rectify the wrongs, only to object, however puny may be my protestations. I am delighted to have at last learned better than I knew and look forward to knowing more, sure that it will not be a retreat, but something even better.

Having experienced decades on the business treadmill, I am happy to report that the strength realized in coming off is much stronger than the initial stumble required for passage. To learn more, check out Leadership vs. Management, almost free on Amazon. # # # November 27, 2017

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