Why Snapchat Will Be Great for B2B Companies
Gary Vaynerchuk

You are correct in this regard and SC is on an upwards trend right now, backed by media and investors. But Evan must be smart enough to change the way the company is perceived. That’s what Mark did with FB and that’s why and how he managed to become so big. Remember, FB started as a hot or not website. He changed and changed and changed until he shed the “not so serious thing” perception of the people using it and he matured the company. This is what I believe is Mark’s biggest and best quality: being able to be both inside and outside of the company with his perception, at the same time.

At this point, SC is in the teen phase if you look at the company as if you were looking at the growth of a child. Evan needs to make the first step to adulthood, before he hype moves from SC to another “hot” app. How will he do this? Bring added-value to people who are not teens. Find a value to bring genuine value to their lives through SC.

Social networks are also in the early 20’s now. They are starting to mature and people are really really tired of meaningless content flooding their stream. They need curated content, they need something that will bring genuine information that will somehow help them in their professional, social and personal life.

If Evan is able to harvest the power of his imagination, pivot a bit to provide value to more adult users, he will win. If not, SC will remain a in the users memory as a fade.