How To Master The Tucked In T-Shirt Trend

When you think that something in fashion is done; done and dusted, it sometimes creeps back slowly. This is what is happening with the tucked-in method of dressing up. The once dubbed ‘dad look’ is now showing up all over. You may have seen your local celebrity donning in the tucked-in T-Shirt trend, and you liked it. Don’t let all this pass you by. Try it out, and you will be among the cool from your block.

Get the right size

If you are truly conscious about how you look, then you will put a significant amount of effort into finding that good fit T-shirt. Choose the right material robust enough so that it will not leave funny ripples around the waistline and torso. Essentially, getting the right T-shirt to complement the tucked-in look is an investment. Treat the effort with the seriousness it serves and gets the proper attire. After all, the way you look determines how people treat you and the crowd you pull.

Get the right slacks

Smart, single color trousers are the best and will complement the tucked-in look. Without the right kind of pants, you will definitely not pull off the award-winning look. Long trousers that slightly touch your toes is the way to go.

Be conscious of your body shape

Failing to understand your body shape can make your attempt at the tucked-in T-shirt look flop terribly. Don’t become the neighborhood laughing stock and ace the trending look in your first attempt. Stay away from anything too fitting or loose as they only enhance the body features that you want to stay hidden. Darker tones on your fabric will do wonderfully to reduce the shadows. A heavier fabric will also be appropriate.

Tucking techniques

The basic tuck

This method is the easiest and the most common. To don it, you put the Polo Ralph Lauren T Shirts inside the trouser all around the waist. You then pull it slightly off until a small swath of cloth remains. This allowance is necessary for smooth movement. Don’t worry; it will not produce the dreaded dad look but rather, you will look neat all around. You, however, need to choose your attire appropriately.

The half tucks

Your dad may consider the half tucks as stupid. However, celebrities and young people are wearing it without any problem. A half tuck leaves one side of the shirt tail outside. If you have chosen a half tuck, then wearing a belt will complement the look.

Final word

Try out different methods to find which works best for you. People have different body shapes, and tastes and what might work for one may not work for another. What is clear is that the tuck-in method is back with a bang and what you need to do is go with the flow. Whether it’s a full tuck or half tuck, you are ready to go. Choose your T-shirt and trousers well to pull the trending technique off flawlessly.


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