Personal Security in London, A Guide to Staying Safe

It’s true that there’s no secure place in this world. This is evident as top nations in the world are grappling with terror attacks and security. In fact, the bigger the city, generally the higher the threat posed to your personal security. Therefore, you must take care when travelling about large cities, but even moreso if you’re a tourist — criminals often see you as easy prey.

A security lapse can manifest in many ways, but these days people only seem to be only watchful of terror threat. Terror attacks are highly unpredictable by nature, it’s never a case of IF but WHEN and WHERE. Then we must factor in the risk of local street crime, physical attack due to race or religion, kidnap or even murder.

It’s no secret that your personal security can be at risk when in London as the city almost serving as the de facto capital city of Europe, it’s certainly by far the largest. London has the world busiest airport and many wealthy individuals that tempt criminals to target them for easy gain.

Hire Bodyguards

If you feel the need to protect yourself further when visiting London, you could hire bodyguards to protect you, your family and your personal posessions whilst you go about your holiday or business trip. Knowing that your personal security is being taken care of by some highly trained professionals.

Westminster Security are the leading providers of Close Protection London you should certainly contact them if you have any concerns over your personal security in London. Their bodyguards are all ex-Military and Police with vast experience in protecting people from all over the world. They can provide their services without infringing with your lifestyle and dispel any fears or concerns.

Close Protection Services London

The type of bodyguard assigned to you will wholly depend on the threat posed, your individual concerns, needs and requirements. It also depends on your personal profile or family profile and lifestyle/wealth.

The bodyguards offering close protection in London are specialists from different protection units with an excellent reputation and record. Those units are; the UK Special Forces Group (SAS/SBS), SO1 Specialist Protection, SO14 Royalty Protection amongst others.

Only an established and professional company such as Westminster Security can offer such high-caliber close protection services.

Your Safety and Security Guaranteed

If you’re going to the expense of hiring close protection services in London, you want to guarentee your personal safety and security throughout your visit. You can only do this by hiring true professionals from an established security company.

Do not be fooled, scared or hoodwinked into hiring the cheapest provider. This is a sure way to put yourself in danger; are the bodyguards licensed, trained or insured? You can only guarantee this by making sure you use a professional security company in London.

Related Close Protection services

Close Protection London is a primary service that you can add to, if you should feel the need to. Further services might include; security dog handling unit, luxury armored vehicles, residential security teams and mobile patrols if required. In addition, you can hire security chauffeurs and counter-surveillance services. It will all depend on your situation, requirements and of course your budget.


Your personal security is a priority in today’s unstable world, it’s the one thing you should never take for granted or chance. When you’re in a large capital city of like London, whether on business or pleasure; you really need to consider the threats more. If hiring close protection is an option for you, you should let your bodyguards deal with the worry and concern so you can enjoy your time in London. You should certainly hire a professional and well-established security company; do you research and ask lots of questions. Best of luck and enjoy your visit!