Mobile First? Not So Fast.
Laura Klein

urgan — Actually, mobile first means much more than “mobile design comes before the desktop design.” This limited vision of mobile first is why articles like this are written.

Unfortunately, Laura Klein has an equally narrow definition of mobile first based on this article. Describing mobile first as an “annoying catchphrase” diminishes the true value of the concept. The follow up paragraph points to the real problem, which the article goes on to exemplify, a lack of understanding of what mobile first encompasses. This most often happens by people that never read Luke Wroblewski’s book where he defines mobile first. If you haven’t read the book you likely don’t have an accurate understanding of mobile first.

Here’s the link:

There are three factors that mobile first is intended to address, what I call “The 3C’s of mobile first.” Context, Constraints, and Capabilities, and they should be addressed in that order by the human need first and device requirements second. The entire book is about making the experience right for the person regardless of device. Mobile first is all about context. This is why I’m dedicating a chapter in my upcoming book to the subject, to lay to rest these kinds of misconceptions. It’s an important of the process of creating meaningful experiences.

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