“Your suggestion that Trump walked away from a billion dollar business to run for president as a…
Marcus Johnson-Smith

I personally don’t care if he releases his tax returns. There could be many reasons he hasn’t released them - maybe he pays 0% taxes, which he should be doing as a successful business person, but would send an untrained idiot like you into a tailspin with your hair on fire.

A half dozen well maintained, full occupied skyscrapers in the best locations in Manhattan which I have seen with my own eyes, plus the seventh tallest building in the world in Chicago, and 20 of the best golf courses in the world are all the evidence I need to see to believe his net worth is real.

How much real estate do you own in Manhattan?

I’ve done more research on Trump than you will do in 100 lifetimes. No one has ever denied that his father was successful — in Brooklyn and Queens. He never touched Manhattan.

His father helped him, for sure, that is called good fortune, to be born into the kind of successful family we all wish we could be born into. His father did not engineer the Grand Hyatt project, which turned around the Grand Central area and turned around Manhattan when it was on the verge of bankruptcy — a deal George Ross, his attorney, said ‘was a great idea, but he could never pull off.’

His father did not engineer the many complex pieces needed to build Trump Tower — a brilliant negotiating feat. Nor did he rebuild the Wollman rink for $2.25 million in 4 months when the city couldn’t do it in 6 years for $13 million.

Most sons of wealthy parents squander the wealth. Trump took it to ten times what his father did. Who cares if he could build a multi-billion dollar business otherwise. Can you?

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