To Said El-Said

To Said El-Said

In your heart rests the key to your home in Palestine
patient beyond all measure of tolerance
each beat echoes closer to home

A farmer
you have sown seeds in all corners of the earth
growing sweet fruits
delicious vegetables
vibrant flowers
shared with grateful masses

A sailor
you have culled grand fish
willing to sacrifice
proud to fill your nets
to feed children
mothers and fathers

A carpenter
you have built mansions
where wisdom flourishes
generation to generation

A lover
you have embraced
supported and calmed
without want of reward
or mention

A friend
You have offered all that you are
in every moment
with a promise of more should you find it

Your heart
weighed against the feather
can’t fall upon the scale
yet strong it is
carrying that key
comfort in knowing home

— –M. Dennis Paul

One is fortunate in life to have known honourable individuals. Warriors brave, strong and true. I count Said among those I have met through social media. I thank the universe for his stopover in this world.

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