Flexible Dieting Vs Mass Gain

I wasn't sure how to start this article or in fact, i questioned my own plausible verdict as opinions are always different when it comes to the correct answer, in fact there are more answers that are all different which can become further from the truth (The Fact).

Now the combination of the two is a big task to unfold in truth, hence why its a passion of mine to tackle this line hook and sinker.

With the mainstream media, magazines and the next big fab diet. You seriously must question each with science, because everything that has to do with food is science. You might not be a scientist per se or have a background in nutrition.

It still doesn't count the fact, you believe what you see on TV or on the internet to be 100%, question everything!

Now i’m not going to drill you.

Just think for a minute what flexible dieting actually means?

It really means being flexible with your diet, now im going to cut things short, calories need to be counted in order for a flexible diet to work continuously throughout your life. Sounds impossible — tough?

Imagine you could eat your ice cream bowl with chocolate syrup…. Than the next morning you lost weight… Let me just sit here and let you ponder over this…

This is why flexible dieting works, because ill say it again calories — numbers — count!

Iv tested this and it works!

Im not going to give you a full page length mathematical equation, this is a brief guidance of how to use flexible dieting through your life.

In order to understand how to use it, what you need first is a base line of knowing how much calories and grams you have everyday for example;

women: 1600–1800 calories per day

Men 3000–4500 calories per day

You would weigh each meal and substitute a meal or minus the grams in one particular meal therefore you add the number left over into the so called “cheat meal” that your having for that day.

What you need to understand is you can only go one way or the other, what i mean is if you want to gain mass (both women and men) the flexible dieting part of the equation slightly changes as you would be adding more calories into your day but playing with the numbers weekly and monthly adjusting it.

Now with mass gain its simple add calories to your plan, sustain the amount for a period of time gain the weight including fat. Until your satisfied with the not only the number on the scale but yourself in the mirror.

This might sound easy , but you wouldn't believe how many people iv come across that have hit a brick wall trying to gain muscle both women and men.

Its about adding more calories than you burn, the base line that i gave as an example is close enough to what an actual person would aim for. Now you can play with the numbers when it comes to mass gaining in fact try it!

Reason i say this because you might hit a gold mine and figure out for yourself how many carbohydrates should be in each meal in order to gain lean mass not just a bulk mass.

Yes their is a slight difference.

Lean mass means adding size but reducing fat intake, the tricky part about this, is watching the amount of carbohydrates including fiber you intake in each meal.

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