Paradoxical Capitalism

Marquard Dirk Pienaar

According to current mainstream capitalist theory, positive correlations between brand values and profits exist. The more consumers contribute to profits of “service” (add vice?) and “goods” providers, the worse consumers’ positions are, especially unemployed consumers who do not contribute to retirement funds. The percentage of unemployed people who do not contribute to retirement funds will increase, due to artificial intelligence. Current capitalism supports only dignity of the employed. The employed contribute to the profits of large conglomerates and benefit from brand values in their retirement funds. Those brand values correlate positively with profits.

In a world with much artificial intelligence, capitalist governments will consider the unemployed, and will not leave considerations to “foundations”. For the unemployed a negative correlation exists between contributions they make to profits of conglomerates, and the brand values of conglomerates; because the unemployed do not partake in the values of retirement funds. To a certain extent the same applies to retirees whose retirement funds have been depleted. The more they pay for a specific brand’s services and goods the less the brand values them. Making a comparison between two brands’ value-for-money gets more complicated. A bottom line is, the more the unemployed and retirees, without saved funds pay, the more difficult circumstances are, therefore a negative correlation between profits and brand valuations exist.

Moiom CC t/a Africahead

If the expansion of businesses is not financed by profits, but by issues of Intellectual Property Parts (Ipparts) of brands, like goodwill, copyrights and transacting marks, the businesses will grow. Investors in Ipparts will grow their retirement funds. The spread of financial security in retirement funds will be wider, because it will not be only employed people who save for retirement. Unemployed people will be able to invest money in Ipparts, they previously paid towards profits of conglomerates; and save for retirement.

Capitalist salaries can be large enough to motivate workers, therefore profit is not a necessary part of a capitalist economy. The origin of capitalism was intequity (capital of ideas), which is the source of man made things, according to idealism. Just a pity “the Creator” have been sacrificed in capitalism for the capital of ideas. Idealism is comprehended in contrast to materialism. Hegel synthesized the two views with his dialectical idealism. He said matter affect ideas and ideas show what matters.

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