Founders Should Focus On Two Things, and Only Two Things.

Focus is everything. As John Lee Dumas puts it FOCUS is “Follow One Course Until Success”. It is easy to get caught up in Meetups, connecting with other entrepreneurs, reading books that are good but not necessarily helping you with your business TODAY and spending way too much time on the non-essential parts of your business such as branding, marketing, etc.

I think Paul Graham from Y Combinator hits the nail on the head “A startup founder should be writing code and talking to users. That’s it.” As entrepreneurs we tend to get a little ADD but it’s vital we remind ourselves that the ultimate path to success is through building strong learning environments around users and quickly developing a solid minimum viable product (MVP) to get validation sooner rather than later.

Take time to meditate on the current distribution of your time and realign your prioritizes as needed. Go get ‘em!

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