Auto-grading on the student end

At a focus group in Florida with my high school, teachers indicated that they would appreciate the ability for students to optionally see the autograded content on submission (with a customized limit on the # of second tries). This is apparently a helpful feature in Web Assign and I added it through the follow system:

A teacher can configure an assignment to be autogradable by the switch found in the top right hand corner:

Notice the other features: they can configure the # of second changes or set it to infinite. Further, they can configure the correct numerical final answer.

This is also doable for multiple choice.

This is how it looks on the student end

Prior and after submission, the response looks like these for a numerical answer:


The above screenshot is a question that has been submitted correctly. There are a few important things to notice: the “final answer” box has been replaced by the printed answer in the bottom right, and the title goes from “Show Your Work” to “Your Work”

Further, when a question is marked incorrect (with tries left), you get:

However, when you run out of tries, the type in your final answer box disappears:

The same principle applies with multiple choice, this time not printing the final answer since it is self-evident.

Lastly, if you are curious what the top bar is, it displays the point by point breakdown to the student when hovered over.

I am not sure how I want to fill the right-hand side of the bar but I don’t want it to be empty. The end goal is for the response to students be inviting, easy to use, and kid-friendly. I think that is a critical matter to stress when discussing accessory features with possible customers!