Parsegon’s Economics Tool

Screencase of the Economics Landing Page, arriving June 1st.

Math and economics have a lot of cross-applications. For a school integrating with Parsegon, extending the same technology to their economics curriculum — be it high school or college — greatly increases the use-case of the technology.

While Parsegon naturally accommodates the mathematical features of Economics, the biggest draw of the subject is the graphs. Supply and Demand Graphs, Macro Graphs, etc. We have built in specific macros for economics teachers to click and build graph modules for assignments.

Screencast of Graph Modules

By clicking on the options for increasing, decreasing, or alternating a line to ambiguity, economics teachers can create auto-gradable content and distribute it directly to their class.

This interpolates directly with Parsegon’s traditional mathematics oriented software:

Screencast of Complex Math

The platform allows students to visualize the same graph module, respond, and justify their answer: meeting Parsegon’s cornerstone of transparent, fleshed-out assignments for students.

The feature will be fully available on June 1st.

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