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iOS 10 is being subjected to the biggest number of updates ever seen in an iOS version and, as Apple promised, it is having an effect on jailbreaking. Rootless, a new technology from Apple, is one of the reasons why it is becoming harder and, while we wait to hear from Pangu, PP or Taig jailbreak teams, we have found another way to install some modifications to the iOS in Extensify, a popular app installer.

What is Extensify ?

It is an app installer that doesn’t require a jailbreak and, while it doesn’t offer access to any of the Cydia tweaks, it does let us download modified versions of some stock iOS apps. It is the ideal interim solution for those who want some modification on their iOS devices and for those who don’t want to jailbreak at all. Here’s how Extensify works.

How Does Extensify Work ?

With a user-friendly interface, Extensify works very well:

● You don’t need a computer; simply download Extensify directly to your iPhone or iPad

● Once you have downloaded it, just open the app and start looking for the modifications to the apps you want

● You can add modifications for as many apps as you like; they will all go onto one download list and, when you are finished, the modified apps are built; you can then download them to your device

● The tweaks in Extensify are known as Exos and you don’t modify the stock app itself. A modified app is downloaded and is denoted by a + at the end of the name. These apps run side by side with the stock app, allowing you to choose which one you want to use and to delete the modification easily if you need to

● Choose from a wide selection of Exos and modifications

Other Features of Extensify :

● Each Exo has a full description of what it offers, the download size and how many times it has been downloaded

● Ability to leave comments or feedback for each Exo

Extensify Alternative :

AppValley :

If you cant get on with Extensify or you want more choice of non-stock apps to play around with then try AppValley. One of the most comprehensive app installers ever released, AppValley is full of content, from a great choice of Cydia apps, plenty of plaid content for free and some of the best modified ++ apps around, including Pokemon Go++, Snapchat++ and Spotify++. If you fancy trying AppValley then click the link for all the details and a full download tutorial.

Is Extensify Useful ?

Yes. It may not be a true substitute for Cydia but it does offer a certain amount of flexibility and is great for anyone who doesn’t want to go through with a jailbreak. You don’t need to mess around with the stock app, simply decide which version you want to use. Because it is not Cydia, you won’t be making any changes to the springboard or to the iOS itself.

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