NessTool App Download Tutorial

Not so long back, installing third-party apps or even jailbreaks directly onto our devices was easy but not anymore. These days, we need to use alternative methods, including using Cydia Impactor, to install these apps onto our devices, simply because these are not apps we can get from the iOS app store and because Apple won’t sign them. Cydia Impactor signs these apps so that they can be used but this does bring its own set of problems with it.

For a start, when you use Cydia Impactor, you must provide your Apple ID, and this allows Apple to track what is running on your device. You can, if you want, set up a dummy ID but your apps can still be tracked. Because of this, if you are using a standard free Apple ID, any app that you install in this way is going to crash within 7 days — this won’t happen for 12 months if you are using a paid developer ID. The reason that the apps will crash is that Apple will revoke any certificates that they do not sign and that they class as unofficial apps and, to get that app back on your device, you must go through the rigmarole of sideloading it again through Cydia Impactor. And thus, a vicious cycle begins with you installing and Apple revoking.

This is a nuisance because all we want to do is get on with using our apps or jailbreaks and, if we must keep reinstalling them every week or so, we can’t do that. However, we have found a way around this, in a tool called NessTool. NessTool will block Apple from revoking the certificates so that you can use your apps forever more if you wish without being constantly interrupted. It is worth noting that this certificate revocation does not just happen to independent apps; Apple will also pull the certificates for ++ apps, like Spotify++, Pokémon Go++, and Snapchat++.

How Does NessTool Work ?

When you install NessTool on your iOS device, you will be asked to grant permission for a VPN configuration to be created on your iPhone or iPad. You must allow this otherwise NessTool cannot work. Once you have done this, NessTool will download onto your device where it will work al the time your device is switched on. It is only a small tool, working in the background and taking up little in the way of resources so it cannot interfere with anything else you are doing on your iPhone or iPad.

When Apple verifies the app certificates running on your device, NessTool will hide them, blocking Apple form seeing and revoking them. However, you do need to be aware that NessTool will only protect the certificates for apps that are already installed and running so make it your first download after you install your independent apps.

How to Download NessTool :

Although you won’t be getting this one from the app store, it is very easy to download, and you can find all the details at the video below :

It is also worth bearing in mind that, when you use one of the many app installers available today, NessTool will only work on those apps downloaded through TutuApp and TutuApp VIP installers; for any other installer you need to use another tool that works the same way as NessTool, called Anti Revoke.

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