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Aug 5 · 2 min read

1. Have a peek at our guidelines:

What to avoid

  • Already-published stories: we prefer original work, but if you want to submit something that’s already been published feel free to!
  • Clickbait headlines: e.g “These 3 things will change your life”.
  • Heavy self-promotion: talking about your business or accomplishments is OK but don’t let it be in an unsavory way

Topics we’re interested in

  • Parenting + Technology: One of the most significant challenge and opportunity to effective parenting in this decade is the prevalence of technology. We want to hear thoughtful takes on this!
  • Parenting + Politics: politics continues to have outsized effect on how we parent. We always love smart and thoughtful takes on this!
  • Parenting + Media: given the amount of media that usurp children and adult attention understanding how it affects parenting is a question that will take a very long time to answer.
  • Parenting + Whatever You Think is Interesting: give us what ya got!

2. How We Compensate Writers:

Once a week we send out a long-form story to all of our subscribers (our feature story). We pay $30–$100 for this story. Otherwise, each story published in this publication will be given maximized reach so that you can earn through the partner program!

3. Submit your Stories to the Email Below:

You can submit your stories to this email:

Thank you and we’re looking forward to your submissions!

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