Fake online reviews, both positive and negative, can lead consumers down a dishonest path. Find out who’s posting fake online reviews now.

We all have grown accustom to doing anything we want on the web. It seems your hearts content is readily available from the anonymity of your own house at any hour of the day. So what’s a person or company to do when their product isn’t doing so well? Of course, go to the internet for a solution.

One of the best ways to make or break a product is to have glowing online ratings and reviews. We have written many times about how important online reviews are for healthcare. One study shows that 79% of patients shop online for a doctor before they decide which one to choose. They do this by reading online reviews and other content about the doctor’s that best treat their condition.

Online reviews are so important that the laws have been changed

After doctors tried to use “gag” contracts to stop patients from writing negative reviews, Governors wrote laws to protect a person’s right to post a negative review. Now in California it is illegal to prevent someone who has seen the doctor from posting a negative doctor review.

Recently, on October 16, 2015, Amazon filed a lawsuit to stop individuals from posting fake 5-star positive reviews. At the center of the allegations is a company called Fiverr. Fiverr is a B2B company that connects graphic designers and other web related services for customers at a low cost. In this case fake positive reviews were purchased for as little as $5.

“Sellers of services on Fiverr allegedly used hundreds of fake Amazon account names and IP addresses in order to pepper the site with fake reviews.” Fortune

In April of 2015 Amazon actually filed another lawsuit to prevent the purchasing a negative reviews. This time is was against a company who was determined to ruin a product’s rating even though they had never used the product themselves. The article by Time said that buyamazonreviews.com offers “unlimited” four and five star reviews to its customers. Their website boasted “Our skilled writers look at your product, look at your competitor’s products and then write state of the art reviews that will be sure to generate sales for you”

Amazon has had to file lawsuits to prevent the purchasing of both positive and negative online reviews twice this year.

This news is something that should not be taken lightly. Yes it’s bad enough that we are being misled about product reviews on Amazon. But, these items are products not healthcare. What happens to a patient when they read fake positive or negative online reviews and see the wrong doctor?

It’s time that doctors as well as patients take the responsible action of only reading and writing doctor reviews that have been verified to be accurate by the treating doctor.

There are over 90+ doctor review websites and less than 7% actually use verified patient reviews. Some of the trustworthy doctor review websites that have verified doctor reviews are PLUSdoc, ZocDoc, Doctorbase, Demandforce, and RealSelf. Our message at PLUSdoc is clear. Healthcare is too important to just let anyone post whatever they want about a doctor. Our goal is to ensure the public’s safety using only doctor verified online reviews so that patients can choose the right doctor for their condition.

Getting verified doctor reviews is intelligent. Find out more..

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