You could probably pull a version of this off.
Marc Sedam

Sydney wouldn’t be preferable, but Melbourne would be. Sydney’s Olympic Stadium has continued to be a bit of a white elephant. In Melbourne, we already have most of the facilities already built. We hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The facilities already get used.

For example: the MCG, a 100,000 seat venue, gets used every weekend. We have MSAC for the swimming. We have Melbourne Park for tennis, and indoor sports (gymnastics, basketball, etc) — with Rod Laver Arena, HiSense, and Margaret Court Arena with retractable roofs. We have the State Hockey Centre. The rowing would take place at Nagambie.

We’re the sporting capital of the world, so we could host the Olympics every 8 years, with an alternate venue in the northern hemisphere.

The great thing about Melbourne is our main sporting precinct is within walking distance of the middle of the city. We have Etihad Stadium, a 54,000 seat venue with a retractable roof, adjacent to the CBD.

We’d be perfect for hosting the games here.

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