Content Marketing, What you Need to Know

What is content Marketing?

Content marketing is a business process relying on distributing valuable and relevant content to attract consumers and to help drive profits. Content marketing is a way of communicating with your potential customers without actually trying to sell them something. There are many componenets that go into generating good content marketing.

Storytelling is a great way to distinguish your company from others. You want to be able to “connect” with your potential and current customers. In your storytelling, you want to appeal to the emotions of the potential customer as this will help them remember you as simple data is easily forgotten. Good storytelling will encompass identifying the character, conflict and resolution.

Planning long term content strategy is an important aspect of this process. You want to set your content strategy goals out for a year with focus on three month intervals. With the ever changing trends in the digital age you must be flexible with your strategy. What is popular today might not be tomorrow. 
Creating content creation framework is essential in continuing to produce good content to engage your potential customers. Knowing who is doing what and the timeframe for completion helps alleviate problems that arrive when coming up with new content.

Brain dumping is popular where ideas are just written down as they pop in your head. With a good content creation framework the odds of having that eureka moment where an idea just falls into place is increased.

Content marketing can be a great way to increase profits without ever making the customer feel like you are selling them something.

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