No, you’re the one being intellectually dishonest by pretending any progressive policies had a…
Antone Johnson

It never ceases to amaze me at how many people think that the President can wave some kind of magic wand and make everything the way they want it to be. If the last eight years of an Obama Presidency has taught us anything it’s that the President has very little power to implement any type of dramatic change.

Elect Bernie and, poof!, big banks will be broken up, college will be free, Government paid health insurance for all! Oh, and more “just regular folks” will make more money because he can somehow level out the income inequality that has come to exist in the US.

Presidents can only do so much without a compliant Congress and equally compliant judiciary. Neither of which is likely to happen under any President. The best we can hope for is to get someone who understands the system and its limitations.

People seem to forget that progressive achievements like Roe v Wade or the Affordable Care Act or Marriage Equality came only after enormously protracted struggles. No one waved their magic wand to make that happen.

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