Fuck You, I’m Not A Millennial
Patrick Hipp

You forgot to mention 8 tracks. Where do they fit in? I thought “Baby Boomers” referred to the size of the generation (size matters!) rather than the time markers unless you want to refer to the years after WWII when all the men came home from being overseas and wanted to “get busy” with their hunny bunnies and make lots (and lots) of babies.

This post reminds me, in a way, of all those cute photos of ancient objects that are no longer in use (like 8 tracks) with the encouragement to “Share if you remember using these.” Or cure references to “If you grew up without bike helmets, curfews were when the street lights came one and Starbucks didn’t exist, click Like.” or some such.

One last thing, in addition to creating arbitrary generational time markers, Strauss and Howe were trying to show how various behaviors can be attributed to generations and, thus, we should not be surprised at the breathtaking entitlement mentality of the Millennials and that we can expect the next generation to be more circumspect.

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