How To Write About Palestine
Meerabelle Jesuthasan

“You will try and comprehend the fact that a woman was shot by an IDF soldier not 500 meters from where you live because she shared her family name with a Palestinian boy who stabbed an Israeli girl in a nearby settlement …”

Baruch Kogan, a commenter wrote that this is horseshit without explaining.

I would like to explain. The IDF MO does not include shooting at Arabs willy nilly. There are very strict, some would say too strict, rules of engagement. To whit, an IDF soldier is currently on trial for murder for shooting a terrorist after he was already down. And this is a terrorist who had just committed a terrorist act; he stabbed someone. Yet the soldier is on trial.

So, to say that an IDF soldier shot a woman who happened to have the same last name as a terrorist who murdered a girl is beyond ridiculous. It would be funny if it were not so sad that many people actually believe this nonsense.

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