Feuding nonprofit directors upended by lawyers and judges

Federal District Court of Delaware on Trial

Starting March 7, 2013 when building locks were changed without notice, locking out a staff composed mostly of minorities, launched a raucous battle pitting young against old; black against white. Trinity complex prominently located in Wilmington, Delaware is a shared space housing a historical church and several nonprofits. Seeking help from Human Relations Commission in an effort to mediate the unlawful eviction resulted in the commission’s denial as to jurisdiction. Next, it was on to Department of Labor which is benign to hostile work environment charge. Alternately, a study of discrimination charges over years filed by state employees resulted in labor department issuing only 1 ‘for cause finding’ out of 190 charges. So now it’s on to Federal District Court where the case sat dormant from date of filing over 300 days; now with over 170 docket items and counting, the case filed almost three years ago remains pending, unresolved. The court clerk is unresponsive to correspondence. U.S. Court Judicial Administration denied governance punting to regional 3rd Circuit Appeals Court.

Ethical lapses popped up during lengthy litigation. March 2016 Defendants Board of Directors Treasurer who is a corporate attorney engaged in ex parte communication with Magistrate Judge resulting in judge’s recusal. Case was assigned to another Magistrate Judge who eventually withdrew from the case without notice or explanation. Reported in a 360Law article Defendants’ law firm ‘dodged DQ bid’ for not disclosing to the court that they’re litigating against a former client. Opposing counsel first chair attorney on the case is serving as one of two panelists on the district court Federal Civil Panel. This case at its onset was assigned to Chief Judge, who has demonstrated indifference to conflicts, court rules, and properly managing the case. A sister case 1:14-cv-1020-SLR although reverse discrimination filed on the same day as this wayward case has been resolved.

Meanwhile in Delaware Federal District Court 1:14-cv-1021-LPS , up to 5 lawyers have been paid an aggregate estimated $250,000 in fees and costs. Donors for certain wouldn’t condone or are unaware of redirected purpose of their monetary gifts intended to support the nonprofit’s good works. The nonprofit just released its 2016 Annual Report stating it costs $5,000 annually per participant.

Nonprofit Board of Directors President and Law firm Managing Partners as well as Judges, denying 50 at-risk inner city, economically disadvantaged youth needed support to prepare for college during their high school years is unconscionable.





past tense: upended; past participle: upended

set or turn (something) on its end or upside down.

synonyms: overturn, invert, turn over, turn upside down

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