Judge’s Delay Unravels 20-Year NonProfit

Chief Judge Leonard P. Stark, one of the nation’s top ten young jurists, takes time in litigating civil rights case 14-cv-1021-LPS. To date, there have been more than 160 docket entries.

While deciding the wrongful termination case, the nonprofit agency’s capacity has been challenged. Within three years of an experienced executive director’s termination, there has been a 100% staff turnover including the potential loss of remaining 3 years of $1 Million over five years Federal grant. Nonprofit agency’s $300 Thousand facilities buildout completed in 2007 inevitable transfer to its host is very likely.

An article in 360Law in September 2016 reported Judge Stark’s Disqualification decision issued on August 31, 2016.

Litigation timeline:

8/08/2014 Lawsuit filed

7/31/2015 Litigation began

3/31/2016 Discovery extended

5/31/2016 extended Discovery deadline

10/31/2016 extended Discovery deadline

1/20/17 extended Discovery deadline

3/23/17 Motion to expedite pending

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