Judicial System Black Tax

Delaware Courts on Trial series

Newly minted Millionaire, #FDCODE 1:14-cv-1020-LPS reach settlement agreement

Mirror cases; fractured results

Federal District Court of Delaware

1:14-cv-1020-SLR filed August 7, 2014 Defendant public employer

1:14:-cv-1021-LPS filed August 7, 2014 Defendant private employer with Federal subcontractor compliance

Nexus between both cases is duel role as decision-maker in the person of Mayor’s chief of staff and non profit board chair. Defendants’ Decision-maker is under 40 years of age, male, and Black.

Plaintiffs’ age is same, over forty.

Plaintiffs’ gender is same, female.

Plaintiffs’ race is not same, Black or White.

Plaintiffs’ job title is same, director

Plaintiffs’ tenure not same, hired 2007 or 2001

Was reverse discrimination law suit against City of Wilmington, Delaware settlement reasonable or political?

Hinkle v. City FDCODE 1:14-cv-1020-SLR Overview:

Judge Robinson GRANTED retaliation and due process counts and all other counts dismissed 9/7/16. Terminated Plaintiff for cause 8/14/13 with indefinite ban from workplace; replacement White male over 40 years of age; DDOL/EEOC investigation 12/2013; unemployment appeal board decision discharged without just cause 12/31/13; termination appeal hearing(s) chaired by COS held 10/22/13 and 1/6/14; EEOC notice to city of charges 1/7/14; termination grievance appeal board decision 1/14/14 whereby City delays in responding to grievance and delays in providing opportunity to speak with city officials violate procedural due process rights plus five month suspension without pay with return to previously held position on 2/3/14; Plaintiff’s notice to return to work on 2/3/14 was rejected by City 1/29/14 due to contractual obligations to Plaintiff’s. replacement and referenced EEOC hearing on 2/28/2014; Plaintiff refused to return to work to director position due to being medically unable to return to work 8/25/2014; IME Doctor permitted Plaintiff’s return to work although to a new position assigned by City which was declined by Plaintiff as her personal doctor had not released her to return to work 10/7/2015; IME agreed with personal doctor Plaintiff’s qualified disability diagnosis; workers’ compensation petition for review: able to return to work, failure to sign agreements/receipts, rejected return to work at City order or look for work in open market filed by City 11/23/15 and withdrawn by City 3/22/2016; during medical leave Plaintiff received full pay through December 2016; case settled for $625,000 on same date.

Newly minted Millionaire is not Black.


Black tax is when Whites are favored by judiciary, judges collectively.

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