Preggers lawyer has more than women’s issues

Caution, pregnant and practicing law!

‘Hot in the ass’ barrister suffering with ‘mommy brain’ may have given a Pro Se Plaintiff a slight edge in an employment discrimination case. As the saying goes, ‘karma is a bitch’. The case filed August 2014 languishes in Federal Court while the lead lawyer on a team of three had not one but, two babies. The gestating attorney likely suffering with a seldom spoken health condition may explain why she could be upended by a litigant who has no legal representation. But for counsel’s poor performance, the lady lawyer may also see what it feels like to have to fight for her job.

Mommy Brain is real and should be recognized like pregnancy as a disability classification. Lactation, morning sickness, and hormonal bursts common to pregnancy may take a back seat to mommy brain. Bouts of forgetfulness are common for susceptible women during pregnancy and after they give birth. This condition can reduce the kind of person known to be a bad ass into someone having the personality of a real butt-hole.

Symptoms were blaring and those most damaging to her clients’ representation were counsel’s forgetfulness and raging mood. Other attorneys openly addressed her as ‘killer’. Even judges overlooked her repeated incidences of contempt with late filings and missing entire court proceedings.

Protracted litigation is damaging to any litigant and especially those with mental health issues. In various encounters routinely displayed were symptoms very similar to PTSD. Eventually, it became apparent that plaintiff may advantage from disabling condition of opposing counsel.

During a lengthy court case levels of frustration run high and incessantly as the legal community mostly disregards litigants’ special needs.




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