Facebook for Egoists

It is hard to deactivate Facebook account. All these connections, people network, authorizations to different web sites… There is some value in your social graph.

At the same time, Facebook is a time-and-soul-sucking machine. Here is how to keep the value and remove almost all the distraction.

My Facebook looks like that:

Write-only mode!

Facebook for egoists: Installation Guide

  1. Uninstall Facebook mobile app from all devices. You are going to use Facebook only on your laptop via web browser.
  2. Install Chrome Extension News Feed Eradicator.
  3. Install Chrome Extension F.B. Purity.
  4. Tune F.B. Purity.
F.B. Purity is ugly, but does it job perfectly.

That is it, just 4 steps. But what’s next?

Facebook for egoists: User Guide

Your Facebook usage patterns will change drastically after “Facebook for egoists” installation.

  1. You will mostly write something, not read. As an egoist, you like to share your own ideas more than reading foreign status updates and vacation photos.
  2. You will have some (maybe even decent) conversations of your own ideas. Notifications are there, but all notifications are related to your own posts. New likes, new comments — all the attention egoists love.
  3. You may still read your friends posts occasionally. It is deliberately not easy and works this way. You suddenly recall a friend, type his name in a search field and navigate to his profile. Here you see all the posts by your friend, and nothing else. Focus!

Facebook for egoists is a way to survive in our over-connected world. It helped me, and I hope it will help you.

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