Why We Started Inside Sales Bootcamp: Q&A Interview With SwitchUp

Recently we had the chance to connect with the team at SwitchUp to share why we started Inside Sales Bootcamp and give our thoughts on the bootcamp ecosystem. Check out the Q&A interview below:

Hi Mike and Ryan! What motivated you to start a bootcamp?
We started Inside Sales Bootcamp because we want to help others solve something that took us 7 years, 10+ companies, and 1000+ coffee meetings to figure out. We are motivated on giving individuals skills to help launch careers, enabling students to have access to an amazing network of companies, finding others individuals that want to give back, and building partnerships to connect great companies with great talent.

What challenges have you faced so far with starting your coding bootcamp?
We have quickly scaled to five cities in our first two months so it can be challenging going into new markets. Even though there have been growing pains, we have been fortunate to have great corporate partners and now over 2000+ people in our newsletters, meetups, and events in our network across the country.

What successes have you had with your first few cohorts?
We have worked with over 50+ people in our programs in Seattle, Boulder, San Francisco, Austin, and NYC. Our biggest successes have been working with and placing our first students and building out a massive hiring partner network, which now represents over 200+ companies looking to hire our alumni. Our overall goal is to help people land jobs they are care about, so each person we help find a role they are excited about is considered a success for our team.

What plans/dreams do you have for your bootcamp over the next 5 years?
No matter what economic background, we believe everyone should have access to great training, supportive ecosystem, and a committed hiring network. Over the next 5 years, we want everyone to have access to training now matter where they might live.

Any advice for students looking to join a bootcamp?
We highly suggest setting your own goals before joining any bootcamps and make sure you ask the right questions to get proper expectations. Many bootcamps are good teaching students new skills, some don’t do a great job of helping place the students at jobs and new roles, so it is important to get your goals aligned with the bootcamp’s expectations to make sure it is money well spent.

Any advice for people who want to start a bootcamp and/or start teaching code?
Make sure you are actually providing value and have a legit way to help people when they come through your program. Find companies that you can help place your students at, and start small with meetups in the area to see if there is a real need before launching it.

Do you see bootcamps replacing college for parts of the population?
No. We encourage everyone to go to college if they are able to, and then add a bootcamp in addition to your degree. This also depends on the type of job you are looking for when looking long-term at career options. If you want to work at startups or growing tech companies, I think it is most important to surround yourself with great mentors, learn skills that can accelerate your career no matter what, and decide where you want to live and work.

What is the job market like where your bootcamp is based?
We currently have 200+ companies looking to hire our graduates. Companies that have recently raised capital are constantly looking to grow their sales teams and we help place people at many of these rapidly growing teams.

Check out our upcoming workshops in SF, NYC, and Austin and let us know how we can help!

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