Amazon Echo vs. Google Home

A smart speaker — this is one of the things that many people in the world dreams of having and despite the tough competition among brands who claims that the ones that they are offering is the best, Amazon Echo and Google Home are still the talk of town. So, which one among these two is the best and which one is capable of providing the best value of your money. In this article, we would be providing you a detailed comparison of the two.

When it comes to the cost, Google Home is considered to be cheaper for you just need to have $130 to purchase it for your home. On the other hand, the Amazon Echo costs $180. So, if you are somewhat on a tight budget, then the first one might be a better choice on your part.

Talking about their features, both responds to voice command and you just need to say the words “Hey Google/Okay Google” or “Alexa/Amazon/Echo” as a wake word, depending on which one you are using. When it comes to music streaming options, the Amazon Echo offers more as compared to Google Home who only works on Spotify, TuneIn, YouTube Music, Google Play and Pandora. The latter one has also engaged in more smart home partnerships as well. On the other hand, only the Google Home has a customizable appearance but nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that the Amazon Echo has more features. As a matter of fact, you can even play a game or order food using it as well and so, if more features that you will enjoy is what you are looking for, then there is no doubt that it is the best one for you.

Both are always listening for they come with built-in microphones. So, even if you are somewhat a little distant from the device, they would still be able to hear the input from your voice. As a matter of fact, they can also hear you although there is moderate noise in the room. So, you actually need not stay close to it just so the Amazon Echo or Google Home could hear your command. In addition to that, you can also connect them to the sound system that you already have at home.

Although both of the devices are capable of informing you about your upcoming appointment but only the Amazon Echo is capable of organizing things. As a matter of fact, you can even use it to set up new appointments with greater ease. Through it, you can even have more than one calendar as well. Not only that, you can create reminders as well. On the other hand, you can set both timers and alarms on both devices.

Amazon Echo or Google Home — which one is the best? The answer is already there. If you want to save money, then go for the latter one while if you want to enjoy more features, then go with Amazon Echo.