College Podcasts For Your Weekend Getaway

In the season of longing for weekend getaways to the Jersey Shore, Rocky Mountain National Park, sunny Santa Barbara, Pike Place Market, and maybe even Boca Raton, families often encounter the dreaded task of picking music and/or other choice listenings for the long-haul-road-ahead. To take away a bit of the dread in making these choices, I urge for the consideration of the lesser known, slightly more intellectual additions to the road-trip mix: the Podcast.

For those not familiar with podcasts, they are digital audio or video files that can be readily downloaded or streamed for listening. They are often interviews or conversations on thematic topics that can feature experts on the featured topic. Think of them like an audio version of a blog entry, or an always available radio feature. Podcast topics range from the exploration of Americana in Ira Glass’s This American Life, to discussions of all things nerdy in Chris Harwick’s The Nerdist, to real life scary stories in Aaron Mahnke’s Lore. In the world of college admissions, planning, and information sharing, podcasts can be very insightful. Many college experts are willing to openly and candidly share their knowledge.

So, for those families looking to avoid hours of mixes featuring Ariana Grande, Frank Ocean, and Taylor Swift, here are a few college related podcasts that should be added to your road trip queue…

About Admissions- A college admissions podcast featuring the founders of AdmitHub Kirk Daulerio & Drew Magliozzi. This is the first episode in their series.

Lacy Crawford Interview- Hosted by satellite radio personality Michael Smerconish, this interview focuses on the stresses of college admissions in Early Decision: A Novel.

College Smart Radio- A series of podcasts about a variety of college topics. This cast focuses on general planning and smart college financials.

YesReneau’s Serious Series About Serious College Topics- Of course, no road-trip playlist would be complete without a couple of more student-friendly podcasts.

Finally, be sure to check out Lauren Gaggioli’s podcast entitled The College Checklist. With 80+ episodes, Lauren’s cast covers a wide breadth of interesting topics with great expertise.