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I agree wholeheartedly with your position, and if everyone advocating for safe spaces and trigger warnings had the same attitude as you do, there wouldn’t be a controversy or a conversation about their validity on a college campus. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you’re aware, college campuses have recently been inundated with students advocating for a very different flavor of safe space: one that, instead of providing a sequestered zone away from potentially upsetting material, does away with upsetting things altogether. From this lens, the dean’s letter isn’t so much a condemnation of giving survivors a place to feel safe, but an preemptive statement to the students at the university (of which I am one) that he and the administration will not censor curriculum (as has been done at Brown) will not ban or condemn certain speakers for their viewpoints (as was done at Northwestern), and isn’t about to ban organizations to favor a triggered group (as was done at Harvard). There’s a fine line between protecting freedom to and impinging on freedom from, and in this case, it’s my opinion that he lands on the former.

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